Pangolin™ Tool Roll

The weather is finally getting warmer here in the U.S. You know what that means, summer camping! What better way to enhance your camping trips this May than to grab yourself a Pangolin™ Tool Roll!

Why you may ask? There's no better way to be prepared for an expedition than to organize and conserve storage space when it comes to important gear, such as....

Tools! The Pangolin allows for easy organization of all your tools: Every socket, wrench, set of pliers, and more, can fit inside the Pangolin. All while conserving as much space as possible within your rig.

Boasting the rolled up dimensions of 14" x 7.5"x 6" the Pangolin can fit into that space in your rig you aren't sure what to do with. Once unrolled, the Pangolin is ready to store all your tools, with a 33" x 14" x3" surface, 23.5" x 13" wrench roll, fitting wrenches up to 11.5" and plenty of tool pouches for extra organization and storage.

I always find myself short of space in my rig, and the Pangolin offers the perfect solution for that problem. I have all the tools I need, but also the extra space for anything I find or want on my adventures. I will never go on a trip without my Pangolin again.



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