White-Frosted Mountains

White-Frosted Mountains

Speckled with frosted pines, the swooping snow-covered hills called our names.

Even though cold weather can be a pain to deal with, winter is still an amazing time to go camping, especially in a Maltec® truck.

The snow beat us to our original plan, the trail had already closed. However, we did not lose hope, we pushed further up the slick highway and found a spot to explore. 

While this trail was not the most exciting, it was the best, and safest, option we had. This is because the Sackwear Landcruiser was experiencing some fuel filter issues at the time, and the snow was relentlessly coming down.

We figured it would be best to turn around and find a flat spot closer to the base of the trail. When we found our spot, we popped our tents and cranked our Webasto® heaters.

This camping trip was bitterly cold, but I did realize something while we were exploring the trails. The more engaged I was in driving, the less cold I felt; the more I focused on the cold, the colder I felt. I have experienced little things like this before, most people probably have, but this time around it was more obvious. This just goes to show that we, as humans, are truly responsible for our actions and feelings caused by pain. Find a way to fight through any kind of pain life throws at you.

As the snow kept coming down, the pressure on the roof of our trucks rose. The snow alone was not enough to collapse the tent, however, when the inside of the Sackwear Landcruiser's tent was moved, it jostled the hydraulics just enough to give out.


Lukily, the Sackwear Landcruiser has 2 beds. The 959 Landcruiser only has one though, so I went out and cleared as much snow off the roof as I could. I was almost knee-deep in some areas around the truck. The bottom of my pants were soaked, but I was just glad my tent didn't collapse. 

Even with the harsh weather, We were still able to get one of the best night’s sleep we’d had in a long time. 

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