Sunday Funday with NM4RT

Sunday Funday with NM4RT

New Mexico has a great overland community, it really makes your day to be surrounded by positive vibes and awesome rigs at these meetups.

NM4RT, celebrating their second year anniversary of Yota's and Coffee down at Cabela's had an awesome turnout this Sunday. Lots of sweet rigs and super cool people. Enjoy some pictures of some of the sweet rides we spotted.

Plus this super sweet Bliss Mobil, owned by @dieselbrute on Instagram


Here's our little lineup, we brought out the Sackwear Cruiser, the 959 Cruiser, and a Defender 90.

Definitely a great meetup, relaxing and exciting to meet new overlanders and get you hyped up for future trips. Plus it's an excuse to drive your rig around town!


More adventures are on the horizon! We cannot wait to share our experiences with you, and to inspire you to adventure more and experience Mother Nature to her fullest extent. Your adventure innovators are about to hit the trails, stay tuned in to our Instagram @959overland and @sackwear for some sweet adventures!

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