Hikin' n' Wheelin'

Hikin' n' Wheelin'

     Ever taken a trail and it turns out to be more gnarly than you expected? That's exactly what happened to us on one of our weekend retreats.

    Maltec® trucks, beautiful scenery, a stream, a gnarly trail, and perfectly quiet; it doesn't get any better than this weekend camping trip. No surprises at the beginning of the trail, lots of traffic and dust; that all went away once we gained elevation. As we scaled the green hills and passed the tree line, it only got prettier.

the two cruisers cruisen'

   Shortly after passing the tree line, the trail got gnarly. Sharp and steep switchbacks were the first obstacles we encountered, no big deal for the cruisers. Once we passed the switchbacks we started scaling the biggest mountain in sight.

Now it was time for our decent on to the other side. The ride was fairly smooth until we encountered an eroded switchback.

   Unfortunately, there was another route to our campsite, and the only area available to set up camp was packed. We turned around and went head on with the gnarly part. A bit of difficulties, but no sweat for our cruisers. Once again, we were on the lookout for a camp spot. 

   We found a spot shortly after reaching the other side of the mountain, a small, level pullout with a cold stream just a few meters away. We set up camp and began to take in the views. To keep us comfortable, we brought along our Helinox® camp chairs.

We hit the hay exhausted and feeling accomplished. With the silence of the mountains and gentile trickle of the stream, we slept like rocks.

   In the morning we saw one of the nearby mountains, and felt an urge to climb it; so we climbed it. The altitude and steep incline only made harder to climb. We reached the peak roughly 45 minutes after we started our climb, but the struggle was well worth it; seeing a full 360 view of the land only added to the beauty of this camp spot.

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