78 stuck in the mud.

Brazos Peak - Sticky Situations.

   Have you ever been buried up to the axle in mud? Luckily we had the right gear to get out.

   One at a time, we approached a slope covered in shade and snow. We line up and give it our best shot. The Sackwear Landcruiser was successful, with plenty of speed and the right route to crawl through the snow and skip over the mud holes.

79 crawling up the hill.

   Then, it was the turn of the 959overland Landcruiser. So far so good, then, the rear tire slips into a ditch, it sinks into the mud like it's in water. No chance of going anywhere, so we break out the diff lockers, but they only dug it deeper. No tree in reach of the winch and we had no land anchor. Time to break out the DMOS® shovel and get muddy; after some digging, we slid a MaxTrax® under the wheel.

78 recovery process.

   A few attempts and many muddy clothes later, the 959 cruiser is free. Time to get it up the hill. We chose a different path, and put the pedal to the metal. Skipping over the damp grass and tearing into the snow, the 959 cruiser makes it up. 

MaxTrax Buried in mud.

   Even though recovery gear may take up lots of space and cost a fair amount of money, it makes me think, what would we have done if we didn't have any of it?

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